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After graduating from the Norwegian School of Economics ("Norges Handelshøyskole"), I have worked within two main areas - ICT and Aviation.

I had the good fortune of participating in the technology revolution in banking, holding various posts with Nixdorf Computer, one of the European pioneers in banking automation. I also had Norwegian public services as customers, among others the Norwegian Post and the municipality of Oslo.

I then joined Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS), where I became purchasing manager in 1989. And I have been working within the aviation industry ever since. The last five years have been with Avinor, a governmentally-owned company operating most of the Norwegian airports as well as the air traffic control.

On the buying side, an important role is to act as a guide or pilot through treacherous waters, steering clear of any hidden rocks beneath the surface in the form of EEA directives, WTO rules, the Public Procurement Act, internal rules or the Utilities Regulations.

As a seller, you would like to increase the probability of being successful in selling in the Norwegian public sector, battling a different landscape - and a different culture.

In short, here is an excerpt from my CV:

  • Vendor (Nixdorf): Sales Support Banking and Public services, Systems manager.
  • Customer (Scandinavian Airlines, Avinor):Head of office services, Purchasing manager, Director of purchasing, Director contracts & negotiations, Supervisor corporate contracts.


  • Norwegian - Native speaker
  • English - Highly proficient in spoken and written English
  • German - Good working knowledge, spoken and written
  • Spanish - Working knowledge.





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