Public Procurement Advisory

in the Norwegian Public Sector
- Face the Challenge!


Do you aspire to bid for a public sector contract?

Public procurement in Norway can be quite challenging for vendors located elsewhere in Europe.

And how familiar are you with the Norwegian landscape?


The LandscapeNot only poses the legislation (Public Procurement Act and appurtenant regulations) problems, but contract standards, language barriers and the culture itself are obstacles that have to be managed during the tender process.

Having worked in the Norwegian market for years, I can facilitate this process for you. I have identified a considerable need for increased quality of pre-qualification and tender documentation with a large number of vendors. For these tenderers I can offer quality assurance during the preparation of this kind of documents.

There are never any guarantees for being successful, but increasing your knowledge of the Norwegian public sector will also increase your changes of being awarded contracts.

Mistakes during the pre-qualification phase are most commonly made in connection with incomplete/missing documentation or description. And the probability of having a tender rejected will increase proportionally with the number of reservations and deviations from the invitation to tender (ITT) or the terms of a standard contract.

Apart from performing general quality assurance during the process, I could also assist you in

  • Understanding the Norwegian Standard ITC Contracts (the "SSA's")
  • Translating ITT's/Tender documents
  • Making strategic and tactical choices during the tender process.





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